Cottage for Okinawa family

From Naha Airport, 30 minutes

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One house reserved cottage and accommodations for Okinawa family. Stay overnight together with a pet. Homemade furniture and, it's pretty, but it's recommended to the lady I like very much. It also has abundant goodses of kids, so it's also most suitable for travel with a child and women's get-together . The accommodations it's possible to enjoy the different atmosphere in Okinawa-island "Urasoe-shi" "Nanjo city" where.


Kafuwa urasoe

The foreigner Residence cottage which is here at 30 minutes "I make sell it, oh, city" by car from Naha Airport. A famous Minatogawa foreigner residential area is also a car, 5 minutes. An antique interior and, wideness, your room. There are also 3 swings in an interior, so with a child, an independent bedroom is appreciated by a family to the group Third area.

kafuwa nanjyo

Kafuwa Nanjyo

Group Facilities: The cottage which is here at 50 minutes "how many, lovers' suicide" by car from Naha Airport. Well, Mr. condition, right in front of St. beach, Kudakashima, frame mosquito island ferry boarding point and immediately near funeral hall Ontake. You can enjoy a natural abundant Nanjo city.

ペットとお泊り カッティングボードプレゼント


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